Year: 2019

From Servosis we wish you a Merry Christmas!

We are a company with more than 30 years of experience, formed by professionals with extensive experience in the field of quality control.

Compression tests

Today we are going to focus on Compression Testing Machines.

We don’t close for the vacations!

Although we are in the summer period, Servosis does not close and we are always attentive to our customers.

Máquina universal de ensayos, ¿qué es y por qué se llama así?

Maquina universal de ensayos

Origins of Servosis

Servosis was founded in November 1988, when a group of professionals with extensive experience in the sector decided to create a new company in Madrid with the intention of conducting a research project funded by the CDTI.

Replacement of control in testing machine

Servosis makes a visit to the facilities to verify the condition of the machine in order to propose the most appropriate solution for its modernization.

Universal testing machines customized to our customers’ requirements

The Universal Testing Machine has been developed with the laboratory testing needs of a wide range of research and general industry in mind.

Professionalism and maximum precision in our cyclic testing machinery.

After so many years developing testing machines and seeing the requirements specified by customers, Servosis has an extremely robust and concise product, such as fatigue or cyclic testing equipment.

Servosis, estrechamente ligada a la docencia e investigación en Universidades

Servosis, empresa dedicada al desarrollo y fabricación de máquinas de ensayo, a parte de la fabricación de este tipo de máquinas, también dedican un espacio importante a la investigación I+D y a universidades.  Hoy nos vamos a centrar en este tipo de sector, el de las “Universidades”. Servosis colabora activamente con universidades que llevan a […]