Year: 2021

Servosis load cells

At Servosis we are experts in the manufacture and development of testing machines for all types of industries and laboratories.

Servosis continues its international expansion

At Servosis we continue to work at an excellent pace despite the acute shortage of microchips, as evidenced by one of the latest projects we have carried out. This also demonstrates and confirms Servosis's will to continue to expand its frontiers and enter new international markets.

Servosis is weathering the worldwide shortage of microchip supply

"The shortage of supplies is already affecting the production of 37% of Spanish industries", reads a headline in the national press today. And it is no secret that we are going through a worldwide raw material supply crisis (with the consequent excess demand) that threatens to drag down the incipient economic recovery"

We are going on vacation!!!

After the last two months of intense work of machinery deliveries and maintenance, including periodic on-site inspections, verification of measurement values and technical assistance within 24-48 hours, it is time to rest and look to the future with perspective.

Load cells

The load cells manufactured by Servosis have a high degree of robustness and reliability.

Our two latest projects

In Servosis we continue working at full capacity, so today we are going to talk about two of our latest projects.

We are still on the front line

As you know, we have been in the industry for more than 30 years and our goal has always been to design, develop and manufacture machines for materials testing, electronic systems and machines that are intended for quality control and analysis of these materials.

MUF 404 – Servosis

At Servosis, among others, we are leaders in the design, development and manufacture of testing machines. We have such testing machines as the MUF 404, which, by the way, is the latest acquisition of an important steel group in our country.

Balance 2020

Since 1988, our mission has been to design, develop and manufacture machines for materials testing, electronic systems and machines for quality control and materials analysis, servo systems, industrial process controls and robotic machinery, measurement and data acquisition systems. We are a robust and multidisciplinary team, formed by engineers and technicians able to be available to our customers in less than