Year: 2023

The Importance of Elastomeric Bearings in Structures: Compliance with UNE-EN 1337-3:2005 Regulations

In the field of structural engineering, elastomeric bearings play a crucial role in the stability and durability of constructions. In this article, we will delve into what these supports are and their function in civil engineering projects. Additionally, we will immerse ourselves in the UNE-EN 1337-3:2005 regulations, emphasizing why at SERVOSIS, we ensure strict compliance […]

Benefits and Application of Structural Testing in Various Sectors

Structural testing is crucial in all types of sectors. In the automotive industry, it ensures the safety and quality of vehicles. In the aerospace industry, it allows the evaluation of aircraft strength. In construction, it ensures the integrity of structures. In research settings, universities, and technological centers, it enables testing on a large scale for sizable […]

How to Repair and Maintain a Testing Machine for Optimal Performance

Testing machines are fundamental in various industrial sectors, allowing the evaluation of mechanical and physical properties of materials. To ensure their optimal operation, it’s essential to know how to identify and solve common problems, make configuration and calibration adjustments, and perform preventive maintenance. Additionally, having specialized services and using support software are key resources to […]

Hydrogen fracking: Servosis drives research and development of solutions

This year, Servosis was honored to participate as a sponsor in the prestigious congress of the Spanish Fracture Group (GEF), an exceptional platform for the exchange of knowledge, presentation of scientific advances and discussion on the challenges in the fatigue and fracture of materials.  These annual congresses have been a benchmark in the study of […]

Tensile grips for materials testing: everything you need to know

There are different types of grips depending on the material to be tested, and they should be selected according to certain criteria.

Improving efficiency and performance

Revamping, also known as reconditioning, is a strategic approach used by many companies to improve the efficiency and performance of their testing machines.

Testing frames for big structures

At Servosis, we manufacture static gantries to perform strength tests on high-strength structures and components, such as beams, columns and steel structures.

Extensometer or strain transducer

At Servosis we design and manufacture specific extensometers for tensile tests, compression tests, axial and diametrical measurements, etc.

Servo-hydraulic, static and dynamic linear actuators

Within our product range, we develop and manufacture hydraulic actuators of different types.

Compression tests for quality control

Compression tests evaluate the safety, durability and integrity of materials and components. This type of test is commonly used with concrete or cement and even to evaluate the durability of finished parts.