Applications of Torque Machines

Torsion machines are used to determine the compartment of materials subjected to rotational loads. The resulting data are used to represent a load-deformation diagram from which a number of material properties can be obtained such as:

  • Shear creep
  • Ultimate strength
  • Proportional shear limit
  • Modulus of rigidity
  • Resilience
  • Toughness
  • Types of failure

These tests are used in materials such as transmission shafts, screws, torsion springs and crankshafts. By means of these tests, we can know the resistance when these materials are subjected to forces. In addition, we could also know their torsion angle and the force that the material supports before breaking.

Torsion machines have two parts:

  • Load unit: Site where the part to be tested is clamped.
  • Control unit: Here all test characteristics such as speed or torque increments are controlled.

Some of the most important tests we can do with a torque machine are:

  • Torsion test: A bar is held at one end and a torque is applied precisely at the opposite end.
  • Bauschinger effect: With this test we can find out the stress distribution after the material undergoes deformation.
  • Residual stresses: This test is used to measure the stresses arising from the change in volume of the material.

Generally, torque machines are usually used in materials testing laboratories, engineering, industrial, civil, electrical or mechanical schools.

At Servosis we have two types of torque machines:

  • Rotating Flexure: This machine has been designed to perform tests with bars of any material subjected to simultaneous rotation and bending stresses.


  • MT Series: This type of machines are designed to perform torsion tests for all types of materials, being especially useful for testing wires. This machine allows testing specimens with pre-stressing in the axial direction of the load by means of a pneumatic cylinder.

In Servosis, we offer the best machinery to perform this type of tests. For more information, please consult our catalog and if you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us through the contact form.

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