Balance 2020

Since 1988, our mission has been to design, develop and manufacture machines for materials testing, electronic systems and machines for quality control and materials analysis, servo systems, industrial process controls and robotic machinery, measurement and data acquisition systems. We are a robust and multidisciplinary team, formed by engineers and technicians able to be available to our customers in less than 48 hours to solve any problem that may arise. This makes us a flexible, fast, quality-focused company with extensive experience in the field.

This 2020, as for the rest of society, has been a turning point for all of us: the way we relate to each other, the way we work, in short, the way we live has changed. Fortunately, and thanks to the loyalty of our customers, at Servosis we have continued to work at a good pace and always respecting the appropriate measures in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, and in the past year we have delivered a total of 20 projects.

This year 2021, which we have just started, we face it with new collaboration projects with Spanish public universities and with new opportunities in countries such as France, Chile or Portugal.

We do not want to miss this opportunity to thank again all those customers who make possible the growth of this Spanish industrial company year after year. We sincerely wish you all that this year brings you all the good things that 2020 deprived us of.

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