Servosis load cells

At Servosis we are experts in the manufacture and development of testing machines for all types of industries and laboratories. Among our portfolio of solutions, we find load cells. These are a transducer whose function is to convert the force applied on it into an electrical signal that can be measured.

Within the complex and wide world of load cells, we have different series of load cells, all of them have a great robustness and reliability, we summarize all our series below:

PBI Load Cell Series:

PCI Load Cell Series:

PCH Load Cell Series:

Load cells are the most widely used force sensor in the market right now and it is the one that our customers are currently demanding the most from us.

We would like to remind you that in spite of the global supply crisis that we are experiencing, at Servosis we continue to deliver on time all the load cell and testing machinery orders that we receive.

In Servosis we are experts in industrial machinery, we have all types of tensile testing machines, climatic testing, load cells and servoactuators. We also perform calibration and maintenance of testing machines. If you have any questions, please contact us