Compressing rocks at 800T

SERVOSIS has provided a high-quality testing machine for rocks testing at a major university.<br />In this way, the University expands its coverage for this type of tests, with an up to date equipment of axial load capacity 8MN, equipped with tools and accessories for the realization of compression tests and triaxial on large test specimens.

The testing machine has been recognized by our clients as an important boost for their training and research possibilities in this field. It has been designed and developed in a process of continuous communication with the customer to satisfy with the best level of detail all its requirements, keeping focus, again, as always, to deliver to our customers the right product.

In addition to the 800T test frame, it also incorporates the Hoek triaxial cell, and from now on they are able, thanks to our PCD2K control, to achieve the post-peak test.