The Phoenix Essay

Cracks in asphalt pavements are one of the most frequent causes of deterioration. Due to the rheological characteristics of asphalt mixtures, their cracking behavior is complex to analyze, since it depends on several factors that cause said material to behave completely differently when faced with the stresses produced by the environment and the traffic, which are manifested by thermal variations and different types and speeds of load application.

The Fénix Test is a laboratory procedure that consists of subjecting a half cylindrical specimen of asphalt mixture to a direct tensile stress in order to assess the resistance to cracking in asphalt mixtures, providing the possibility of considering variables such as type and composition of the mixture. asphalt, temperature and the effects of road aging during the service life. An effective methodology for quality control or testing of materials.

How to interpret the results obtained?

From the load-displacement curve recorded during the test, the different defined parameters are calculated, according to the expressions, which can be related to the mechanical and resistant characteristics of the materials test mixture.

As a result of the test, the average value of the values ​​obtained when testing the different semi-cylindrical specimens is obtained for each parameter. Normally it is sufficient to test 3 to 4 specimens. If the difference between the individual values ​​and the mean is greater than 2.5 times the repeatability standard deviation, the results will be analyzed in order to assess whether there are any anomalous results, which will not be taken into account, or Additional new specimens will be tested.

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