Servosis PCD2k Software

PCD2K is a software developed entirely by Servosis for the control of testing machines. It is a powerful tool that, together with the Servosis acquisition and control hardware, forms a robust and efficient set for testing.

It provides the user with all the calculation and customization power he may need, making it a versatile product capable of handling any type of machine. At the same time, it has customized modules, test screens, designed to make repetitive tasks as easy as possible, minimizing user intervention.

Power in control. PID 40 KHz

One of the main features of the PCD2k control software is its ability to automatically adjust the control parameters according to the behavior of the specimen, so as to ensure the best compliance with the established test conditions, a feature known as adaptive PID.

  • Control frequency up to 40 kHz 
  • Closed control loop against the measurement of any real analog channel (force, displacement, strain gauge) 
  • Closed control loop against the measurement of calculated virtual channels (averages, velocities, accelerations…) 

The system launches the test and, in real time, adapts the control conditions (proportional, integral, derivative) to the behavior of the sample. In a process totally transparent to the user. This feature guarantees that the requested test is exactly the one obtained, with no deviations, oscillations, etc.

Function generator” tool

This software has different types of programmable functions

  • Cyclic functions. 
  • Linear functions. 
  • Exponential functions. 
  • Functions from real data acquisition files. 
  • Synchronization tools between different actuators. 
  • Links between functions.

The user can generate his own test files, choosing the type of function to be performed and defining its parameters. The test files are stored on the PC and can be used as many times as desired.

The PCD2k software can be easily integrated into testing machines from other manufacturers, and can be run in demo mode on any PC for data processing, test analysis, test file generation…

If you want more information about our software, please contact us! We design any kind of customized test according to the needs of each customer.