Testing machine maintenance company

At Servosis we are specialists in the manufacture and development of testing machines, hydraulic servo actuators, measuring cards and load cells for all types of laboratories and industries. In addition, we are also a maintenance company for testing machines and, in general, for all the types of machines we manufacture.

The maintenance of a machine, whatever its type, is essential to ensure that its functionalities and the results it produces remain intact. June and July, as a general rule, is usually the perfect time for both factories and universities to perform maintenance on their machines.

At Servosis, as a maintenance company for testing machines and other machinery that we manufacture, we provide our services to ensure that our customers machinery is in optimal condition and that it enjoys the reliability that we guarantee when we purchase it.

We are experts in industrial machinery, we have all types of tensile testing machines, climatic testing, load cells and servo actuators. We also perform calibration and maintenance of testing machines. If you have any questions, please contact us!