What does the UGR-FACT device consist of?

After ten years of research, Fernando Moreno, PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Granada, and Servosis announced a device designed to analyze the behavior of asphalt.

Even as a student, it was clear to Fernando Moreno that the tests performed on asphalt needed to go a step further. The conclusions seemed to him incomplete and the possibility of improving them feasible. Therefore, he set himself the goal of designing a new method that would provide more clarity on how the passage of vehicles influences the road and ended up creating the UGR-FACT device. The success was such that it earned him the award for “Best Communication 2015” granted by the Spanish Association of Asphalt Mix Manufacturers (ASEFMA), to which 37 other projects aspired, and the Robert L’Hermite medal, one of the most prestigious awards in the sector.

With the collaboration of Servosis, the Laboratory of Construction Engineering (LabIC), headed by Fernando Moreno, designed a lightweight, small-sized device that allows the evaluation of bituminous mixtures individually as well as complete pavement sections and anti-cracking solutions.

For its part, Servosis was exclusively in charge of manufacturing a tool that allows high repeatability and reproducibility in its compression and bending cycles. After an arduous process, complete adaptability to the needs of the operator was achieved, so that the number of cycles, weight or frequency can be defined by the researcher and, in addition, an infinite amount of data can be obtained from the tool’s sensors. Given the good results, it is expected that in the future its implementation will become a national and international standard.

The relationship between the University of Granada and Servosis dates back to the birth of the company as a sign of commitment to national research and training. Since its inception, Servosis has actively cooperated with universities that carry out projects related to materials science, which makes it also be in constant contact, for example, with the University of Coruña, the Polytechnic University of Madrid or the University of Alicante.

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