Materials testing in the automotive industry

The automotive components sector enjoys great health in our country. Its turnover continues to grow, and despite the fact that the coronavirus crisis may affect it this 2020, last year it had a turnover of more than 37,000 million euros. 

Quality control is fundamental to the success of this industry, and this is precisely where materials testing in the automotive sector comes into play. The aim of these tests is to provide accurate data for a wide range of physical variables, such as ‘fatigue’ or ‘life’ tests that ensure not only the longevity of vehicles, but more importantly, the safety of the people who ride in them. 

Servosis testing machines are perfect for this type of demanding industry, and more specifically in the testing of materials for connecting rods, cranks, gearboxes, shock absorbers, chassis, ball joints and countless other components.

In this sense, we have developed specific machines for testing shock absorbers, stabilizer bars, ball joints, filters… for the main manufacturers in the sector. A good example of this is that we have customers such as Nissan Motor Ibérica, Renault Spain or Renault France among others.

The key is that our teams are constantly evolving to adapt to the new needs of the sector, so that we are able to carry out any type of project tailored to the needs of our customers.

If you need the design, development and manufacture of testing machines, electronic and mechanical systems for quality control and materials analysis, servo systems, industrial process and machinery controls, robotics, measurement and data acquisition systems, contact us! We will be happy to make your project a reality.