Material testing

Material testing is testing with the objective of determining the mechanical properties of a material. It is important to know the properties of materials before making a suitable design, and for the determination of properties there are a series of standardized tests.

There are needs to test materials in any aspect or sector of the day to day, from manufacturing, quality, optimization of production, material consumption in manufacturing, research, R & D, etc..

In Servosis we have material testing machines, such as universal machines, torsion machines, compression machines, special machines, testing gantries and specific tests.

In addition, many universities are using our testing machines to test materials, check their characteristics and performance and thus be able to improve them and transfer that knowledge to the industrial world, with new materials, more robust, more flexible, more elastic, or in the way that best suits our needs, for example the steels used in cars, are increasingly more energy absorbing and increasingly weigh less, are alloys that have been previously tested in the laboratory.

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