Tensile tests

Tensile tests are considered to be one of the most important tests for determining the mechanical properties of any material. The data obtained can be used to compare materials with each other and to know if a piece of a certain material will be able to withstand certain load conditions.

For tensile tests, grips and extensometers are used for a better calculation of results, which is done on steels, aluminum, rubbers, plastics, etc.

In addition, the control software is specifically developed to be able to perform these tests, such as those under the ISO 6892 standard. This standard specifies the test method for metallic materials and defines the mechanical properties that can be determined at room temperature. The test consists of deforming a part in tension, generally up to breakage, in order to determine one or more mechanical properties.

For tensile testing, Servosis has different universal machines: ME 402, MUE 403, ME 405, MUE 404, MUF 401 and MUF 404.

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