We are back!

After a necessary break, Servosis is back!

We return to activity after almost a month of vacation that, in addition to resting, we have taken advantage of to carry out the maintenance that all our machines need to be operational before the start of the course.

Without a doubt, this new time of the year that we are now inaugurating opens in a very complex world economic context. Even so, at Servosis we have the competitive advantage of working with solid customers and suppliers who, despite the uncertainty, make us grow with them.

Soon we will continue telling you all the news regarding our activity, meanwhile… We wish you all a happy return to activity!

At Servosis we are experts in industrial machinery, we have all kinds of tensile testing machines, air-conditioned tests, load cells and servo actuators. We also carry out the calibration and maintenance of testing machines. If you have any questions, get in touch with us!