Video extensometer

The test windows under personalized Standard, with which the maximum simplification is available in the performance of a specific test, by bringing together in a single window only the elements necessary for the performance of this specific test, and directly obtaining the results of all the calculations indicated by the norm. These windows are always designed to suit the needs of the trial and the client upon request.

As many Test Standards as desired can be loaded on the same machine with no other limitation than the maximum load capacity imposed by the machine and the maximum speed, determined by the hydraulic unit.

The test report will show the Standard under which the test was carried out, its parameterization, the machine data and the test results, in addition to the Force/Deformation graphic curve.

What are the main advantages of this solution?

The optical video extensometer provides multiple advantages, of which we highlight the following 4;

  • Marking on the bar is not required.
  • It has a field of view (FOW or field of vew) of up to 500 mm, which is necessary to make measurements on very long specimens.
  • Automatically detects the zone of constriction during the test.
  • Simultaneously measures elongation and necking.

If you want more information about the video optical extensometer, get in touch with us! Since we have a wide range of extensometers for the direct measurement of the deformations that occur in the specimens during the tests.

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