How to Repair and Maintain a Testing Machine for Optimal Performance

Testing machines are fundamental in various industrial sectors, allowing the evaluation of mechanical and physical properties of materials. To ensure their optimal operation, it’s essential to know how to identify and solve common problems, make configuration and calibration adjustments, and perform preventive maintenance. Additionally, having specialized services and using support software are key resources to keep these machines in perfect condition.

Identifying Problems  in a Testing Machine

Early detection of problems in a testing machine is crucial to avoid erroneous results and ensure data accuracy. Some key indicators of issues include malfunction, result inconsistencies, variations in force or torque data, unusual noises, and errors on the display or interface.


Basic Repairs for a Testing Machine

If problems are identified in the testing machine, it’s important to address them properly to keep the machine in optimal condition and ensure accurate results.

Replacement of Damaged Parts

When damaged parts are detected, it is crucial to replace them to ensure the proper functioning of the machine. Identify the affected parts and acquire the corresponding spare parts, following the manufacturer’s instructions and using the appropriate tools for precise and safe replacement. 

SERVOSIS provides a set of mechanical drawings with comprehensive reference lists as part of its equipment documentation, facilitating the immediate identification of the affected part.

Adjusting Configuration Parameters

Proper configuration of the machine’s parameters is fundamental to obtaining accurate results. Review and adjust the parameters according to the testing needs, consulting the instruction manual and using the software recommended by the manufacturer. Be sure to follow all instructions to avoid errors. 

SERVOSIS is recognized in the industry for having one of the strongest post-sales services. Our clients acknowledge the service we provide. As part of this post-sales service, we offer remote connections by our technicians for adjustments and verifications of equipment setup parameters. These interventions significantly improve equipment performance.

Calibration and Result Verification

Calibrating the machine is essential to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the results. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to calibrate the measurement systems and verify that the results are within the established tolerances. Make adjustments if necessary and maintain a record of calibrations for future references. 

SERVOSIS has standard equipment for calibrating machines and has agreements with different laboratories accredited by ENAC when it is required to calibrate the equipment under these specifications.

Support and Resources for Testing Machine Repairs

In cases of more complex problems or specialized repairs, it is important to have qualified repair services. SERVOSIS’s technical service in the field is recognized as agile and effective among our clients. Our technicians travel to our clients’ facilities in short time frames to resolve any issues that may arise. We understand the importance of minimizing equipment downtime, we are aware of our clients’ challenges, and we are committed to assisting them as soon as possible.

Preventive Maintenance: A Protective Shield

Preventive maintenance is essential to keep testing machines in optimal operation and avoid costly problems.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance offers several key benefits, including:

  • Increased machinery lifespan.

  • Reduction of repair costs.

  • Avoidance of unnecessary production stops, resulting in higher performance.

SERVOSIS: Your Partner in Preventive Maintenance

At SERVOSIS, we understand the importance of preventive maintenance in testing machines and are dedicated to ensuring that your equipment operates optimally. Don’t let a lack of maintenance affect your operations and results. Contact us today to discover how we can help you keep your machinery in perfect condition and at its maximum performance.


At SERVOSIS, we believe that preventive maintenance for testing machines should not be optional; it should be considered an improvement and a necessity. Its benefits include increased operational efficiency, workplace safety, and a solid return on investment over time. Don’t wait for your machinery to fail; invest in its success through preventive maintenance. 

At SERVOSIS, we are your trusted partner on this journey, ready to keep your machinery in its best shape.


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