Fatigue machines


Fatigue is the situation in which different parts may be subjected to cyclic and time-varying loads. This is the most common reason among most parts and components.

The fatigue test has a clear objective and that is to analyze the resistance characteristics of different materials when working under variable loads. Among these materials we can find rotating transmission shafts, anchor bolts, bars, various structures, pivot shafts, shock absorbers and even asphalt or bituminous mix (to see how deterioration evolves with the passage of time and progressive degradation).

Some fundamental parameters to be measured by fatigue machines on materials are:

  • Kinetics of the load applied over time.
  • Type of stresses generated in the part as a consequence of the application of the load.
  • Type of work characteristic of the machine part as a whole.


In addition, some of the most important fatigue tests are:

  • Constant amplitude fatigue test: they evaluate the fatigue behavior of the part through predetermined cycles of loading or deformation.
  • Variable amplitude test: The purpose is to evaluate the effect of accumulated damage due to the variation of stress amplitude over time.
  • Fracture test: The part is subjected to a series of deformations until it finally separates into two or more pieces.
  • High temperature test: this type of test studies the behavior of a part when a constant stress is applied to a specimen subjected to a high temperature.
  • Cold deformation: it occurs when the material hardens progressively as the plastic deformation increases. Neither recrystallization nor recovery phenomena occur.
  • Hot deformation: when a material is hot deformed, recovery and recrystallization occur simultaneously with the deformation.

At Servosis we have the latest machines for fatigue testing of materials:

  • CH9 Series Hydraulic Servo Actuators.
  • Testing solutions for bituminous machines

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