Universal testing machines customized to our customers’ requirements

The Universal Testing Machine has been developed with the laboratory testing needs of a wide range of research and industry in general in mind, making it possible to perform a wide variety of tests on materials such as plastics, textiles, wood, fibers, paper, glass and various metallic elements.

The load transmission system by means of ball screws, driven by a servo-controlled motor that these machines offer (in the electric models), allows the application of force with excellent regulation in its advance speed. In hydraulic machines, the correct design of the hydraulic unit performs this function. Interchangeable load cells ensure accuracy in force measurement, which guarantees high reliability and efficiency.

It has a comfortable systematized automatic operation that in addition to optimum accuracy, precision and speed, records and archives all the parameters of the samples and all the test data for later consultation and statistics of the tests performed.

At Servosis we assess your needs and give you a quote for the machine that suits your projects. It doesn’t matter the material or the dimensions of the material you need to test. Our engineering team will create an exclusive machine for you with all the quality guarantee.

For more information about the acquisition of universal machines, you can contact us or make any type of consultation through our telephone number 916 91 68 68 61, or through our email comercial@servosis.com.