Our two latest projects

In Servosis we continue working at full capacity, so today we are going to talk about two of our latest projects.

The first one consisted of providing a company whose need was a tensile and cyclic machine (specifically 65t) with a MUF 404 machine, being this model one of the most powerful we have and the one that could best adapt to their needs. The MUF 404 is a perfect machine for cyclic tensile, compression and flexure tests. It has a load capacity between 100 and 2500 kN and allows testing of all types of materials: metals, plastics, insulators, rubbers, composites and biomaterials. Its operating principle is servo-hydraulic and gives the possibility of incorporating all kinds of accessories.

On the other hand, the second project has been at international level, in Bayonne, France. In this case, our customer needed the complete equipment for a laboratory with 40 t traction machines, and other machinery to perform functions of straightening, marking, cutting and upsetting of bars.  In this case, we recommended two MUE 403 machines. This machine is ideal for static, tensile, compression and flexure tests. It also supports cyclic tests up to 5Hz. Its load capacity is between 50 and 1000 kN and it has a testing speed of up to 200 mm/min. The MUE 403 is also suitable for all types of materials and supports the possibility of incorporating all types of accessories.

We would like to thank again these two customers for their confidence in us and we look forward to working together again on new projects.

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