This is a servo-hydraulic drive monoblock test system specifically designed for the testing of elastomeric bearings in accordance with UNE-EN 1337-3 in its annexes F, G, H

Monoblock testing frame with hydraulic action, specifically
designed to meet ISO-EN 1337-3 requirements:

  • Annexe F: Shear modulus.
  • Annexe G: Shear joints.
  • Annexe H: Compression.

The system is composed by:

  • 2 linear doluble-acting hydraulic actuators, high capacity for axial load application, 6 MN.
  • 1 linear double-acting hydraulic actuator 1,5 MN for lateral displacement application on the specimen.

All actuators have integrated Moog servovalve and linear displacement transducer.

Force measurement by load cell in lateral actuator, and by pressure transducer in the high capacity actuators.

All these features make ME-408 machine a powerfull testing solution for a high accuracy need, an innovative product in the market, capable to meet the most strict requirements.

Control system is developed by Servosis. It is a reliable and high performance equipment, with a great
accuracy, resolution and a quick response.

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