PCD2K is a control software for general purpose which commands dynamics test or static test in our load frame catalogue. The end user has two differents ways to use it:

  •          General porpuse software, you have the maximum posibilities in the testing area. The end user cans create his own test, different alarm level setup, calculus over each analogue channel measurement...., and even export the data to exploit it in other suites.


  •          Customized windows standard tests, which offer the maximum simplicity in order to get a specific test, because of just in a window we get all the necessary elements for this specific test, and get directly all the result needed. All thie customized windows are always designed and developed focus on the client and after a purschase order.



  •          Adaptative control, up to 40 khz
  •          Setting up function generator
  •          Setting updata acquisition
  •          Real time chart
  •          Optical extensomer
  •          Function library

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