Professionalism and maximum precision in our cyclic testing machinery.

After so many years developing testing machines and seeing the requirements specified by customers, in Servosis we have an extremely robust and concise product, such as fatigue testing or cyclic testing equipment.

They are achieved with extreme precision due to the meticulous and exhaustive work done by our PCD2K control software, which, with a few parameters, is capable of achieving any function required.

All this, together with the precision of our hydrostatic cylinders, the CH-9 series, which eliminates the sealing rings at the outlet and incorporates a suction pump to collect the draining oil.  These cylinders have a service life of millions of cycles, making such a robust and reliable system perfect for long-lasting applications and fatigue testing.

It is important to mention that all this is associated with the correct choice of a hydraulic group to meet the needs of the test, for this we make a preliminary study of the dimensions (pressure and flow) and the characteristics that should have and adapt them to the needs of each customer.

Our testing machines are used for all types of materials: asphalt, plastic, rubber, steel, aluminum…

Within the testing machines we have:

1- Universal machines. In this category we have a wide catalog. Some of them are the ME 402 and the MUE 403, which are focused on static tensile, compression and flexural tests.

2- Torsion machines. There is the MT Series, with twist and torsion test, and the Rotary Flexure, with combined torsion plus tensile test on shock absorbers.

3- Compression machines. There is the MES Series, with static compression test and bending test.

4- Special machines. We adapt to any customer’s needs.

5- Testing gantries. Contains specific designs adapted to each project.

6- Specific tests.  Including bituminous mixtures, preparation of metallic samples, railway and automotive.

In addition, our company sometimes has used machines, withdrawn from laboratories for different reasons.  We offer this type of machines as an economical alternative.