Servosis is weathering the worldwide shortage of microchip supply

“The shortage of supplies is already affecting the production of 37% of Spanish industries”, reads a headline in the national press today. It is no secret that we are going through a worldwide raw material supply crisis (with the consequent excess demand) that threatens to undermine the incipient economic recovery.

This widespread shortage is strongly affecting the production of microchips. This, together with the extremely high demand for electronic products caused by the acceleration of the famous digitalization, is forcing all the assembly lines, where microchips are the cornerstone of manufacturing, to slow down their production rates and even to temporarily lay off some workers.

In spite of such an uncertain international situation, thanks to our great capacity for resilience, we can announce with satisfaction that at Servosis we continue to work at an excellent pace, meeting the deadlines set by our customers and achieving all our professional objectives.

This is due to our extensive experience in the field of research and development, so that in the face of an eventuality such as the one we are experiencing on the international scene, we have the resources, the staff and the motivation to move forward, providing the best service to all our customers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank once again all the people, companies and public and private institutions that rely on the reliability of our machines to carry out their work. You are the strength that makes Servosis improve order after order.”