Servosis continues its international expansion

At Servosis we continue to work at an excellent pace in spite of the acute shortage of microchips.

Proof of this is one of the latest projects we have carried out. This also shows and confirms the will of Servosis to continue expanding its frontiers and entering new international markets.

This last project consisted in the assembly of a complete laboratory for a French steel plant. These types of industries are key to the economic development of a country (in addition to creating a large number of jobs), so the requirements when acquiring machinery through its suppliers are extremely high.

For this project, the French company acquired some of our best machines:

  • A marker.
  • A straightening machine
  • A traction machine.
  • A cutting and upsetting machine.

These machines have proven to be excellent allies for all the companies that work with them, thanks to the high quality with which they have been developed, their reliability and durability.

We thank again this customer for the trust they have placed in us and we hope to work with them again in new expansion projects.

In Servosis we are experts in industrial machinery, we have all kinds of tensile testing machines, climatic testing, load cells and servoactuators. We also perform calibration and maintenance of testing machines. If you have any questions, please contact us!