Servosis in Control 2022

As we already announced, Servosis attended the Control 2022 fair at the beginning of the month. This was held in Stuttgart, and is considered one of the most important fairs at an international level, since the practical presentation of the current offers for technologies, processes, products and system solutions useful in the field of industrial quality assurance.

Having attended this event as a company specialized in tensile testing machines, hydraulic servo actuators, measurement cards, bending devices and load cells, has been a complete success, since we have been able to make contacts that open the door to new projects and, in addition, we have been able to give Servosis more visibility at an international level.

It has been several days of intense work, but without a doubt we return with a very good taste in our mouths, and hoping to be able to attend again next year. Thank you very much to all the people who have made it possible, it has been a pleasure!