Servosis launches new load cell

At Servosis we are specialists in the manufacture and development of testing machines for all types of laboratories and industries. All our machines have a high degree of robustness and reliability thanks to the calibration process to which they are subjected.

In fact, to continue delving into quality as a competitive advantage for our company, in the last month we have invested in a new 200t load cell that gives us the possibility of calibrating with an even greater range.

With it we make an important qualitative leap, since it will allow us to calibrate testing machines with greater precision. This is essential for all our clients, since increasing the reliability of the measurement instrument will ensure that their needs are better covered and will guarantee success in their work, studies and research.

At Servosis we are experts in industrial machinery, we have all kinds of tensile testing machines, air-conditioned tests, load cells and servo actuators. We also carry out the calibration and maintenance of testing machines. If you have any questions, get in touch with us!