Servosis serves new machines for the photovoltaic industry

According to the consulting firm IHS Markit, 158 GW of new capacity in the photovoltaic industry is expected to be installed in Spain during 2021. This figure represents a 34% increase in installations compared to 2020, mainly due to the generalized boom in this clean energy as a way of combating the climate crisis.

In Spain, thanks to our world leadership in this energy model, more and more companies need to continue specializing and investing in the development and improvement of their processes and services.

One of the last deliveries we have made has been, precisely, for an important photovoltaic company in our country, whose need for improvement has been covered with a testing gantry model ME-406.

This machine is specifically designed for each project, and is a leader in dynamic and static tests on large structures. In this case, the machine has been equipped with two cylinders of 15t and 3t. It is a machine with servo-hydraulic operating principle and has great versatility, which makes it perfect for tests with all types of materials.

We would like to thank this customer for the trust they have placed in us and we hope to be able to work with them again in new expansion projects.

In Servosis we are experts in industrial machinery, we have all kinds of tensile testing machines, climatic testing, load cells and servoactuators. We also perform calibration and maintenance of testing machines. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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