Servosis Testing Machine


The Testing Machine has been developed thinking in the laboratory needs of a wide sector of research and industry in general, making possible with these machines, the realization of a wide variety of tests at the level of mechanical behavior with materials such as composites, rubbers, bituminous mixtures, plastics, textiles, woods, fibers, paper, glass and various metallic elements, as well as all kinds of components,    

Many materials must undergo mechanical tests to check their mechanical properties before being put on the market. In the field of research, this knowledge is essential for the development of new materials, component design and process improvement.

What exactly does a testing machine do?

The testing machine is the instrument that allows the verification of the mechanical properties of the elements under test. It usually operates in a semi-automatic way and has high precision measuring elements.

The recorded data are analyzed and concrete results are obtained, so that the service life, operability, guarantee and behavior of the tested elements can be guaranteed.

What types of tests can be done? 

At Servosis, we have the capacity to design and manufacture equipment to make possible the realization of any type of test that our customer may need. Therefore, we have a wide range of testing machines according to the established objectives.

A possible list of types of testing machines is as follows: tensile, compression, dynamic and fatigue, torsion, elastomeric supports, cutting and upsetting, concrete and rock compression, single and multi-actuator gantry, hydraulic actuators and preparation of metallic samples for tensile tests.

What are the properties that are evaluated in the tests?

Among the properties of the material tests that are evaluated with these tests, we highlight the following;

  • Elasticity, which is the ability of an object to undergo deformation and return to its original shape when external forces cease.
  • Elongation, in which a force or several external forces are applied to the material to try to stretch it and the value of the axial deformation of the tested material is obtained.
  • Breaking strength, which indicates the stress applied at the moment of breakage.
  • Fatigue behavior, which aims to analyze the strength characteristics of materials when working under variable cyclic loads.

Below, we show you some examples of Testing Machines that we have designed, developed and manufactured in Servosis;

If you want more information about our testing machines, do not hesitate to contact us! If you prefer, we also have a product section on our website dedicated to Testing Machines.

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