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Catedrático Ingeniería Civil. E.P.S. Universidad de Alicante / PhD in Civil Engineering, University of Alicante

"Servosis has designed for us two loading frames that have been anchored on the laboratory loading slab, both of them are fed by an hydraulic oil pump of 90 l/min. The main frame has a free space of 5 meters and reaches a height of 5.5 meters. It has a performance capacity of 700 kN. It is possible to introduce horizontal loads for which a series of braces and suspenders have been designed to guarantee the horizontal stability of the load actuation system and its rigidity. The second load frame has a free space of 2 m, a height of 5.5 m and a capacity of 2500 kN. The movement of both frames is carried out through hydraulic actuators, which greatly facilitates the vertical positioning of the crosshead. During the whole process for the design, assembly and calibration, the interaction with the company SERVOSIS has been direct, bidirectional and without failures in communication. All of our contributions have been considered, and many others have been proactively proposed by SERVOSIS to improve the final product. Even when the installation has already been completed they have been in contact with us to validate and certify that everything is working as designed. Without any doubt, along with the quality of the equipment, it is highly appreciated the direct contact with the design engineers and builders of the equipment, adding flexibility and speed. This is definitely one of the most important values of the company. "


Laboratorio de Geotecnia del CEDEX. Madrid / Geotechnical Laboratory - CEDEX (CENTRE OF STUDIES AND EXPERIMENTATION OF PUBLIC WORKS).

"I emphasize the attention for quality and speed in the solution of any problem, even if needed to adapt or design new equipment, and of course always kindness in the treatment received."


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