What is a compression test about?

Ensayo de compresión

Another test that will help us to perform a successful quality control is the compression test.

This test determines the resistance of a material to a compressive stress or load and Servosis has all the necessary material to perform an optimal compression test.

What does the compression test consist of?

During the test, a cylindrical specimen of the material to be tested is introduced into special presses. Once there, the cylinder is subjected to increasing pressure according to a preset regime until it breaks, and all the necessary data are recorded on the press gauges.

The test data provide results in the form of a stress-strain diagram which, among other things, shows the following;

  • The yield stress, the point at which the material enters a state of creep, unrecoverable deformation of the specimen.
  • The single strength limit or breaking limit, which represents the maximum stress reached by a material before breaking.
  • The breaking point, which indicates the exact stress at which the material breaks.

What is its purpose?

Compression tests evaluate the safety, durability and integrity of materials and components. . This type of test is commonly used with concrete or cement and even to evaluate the durability of finished parts.


Compression test machines

The main purpose of this model “SERIE MES”is to test specimens of concrete, rocks, cements and construction materials between 150 and 800 t.

This type of machines are built under UNE -EN 12390-4 standards with accuracy Class 1 according to EN-7500-1.

With a great robustness, high rigidity and easy location.

In Servosis, we have all the necessary equipment to perform both compression tests and other types of tests.

If you want more information about our compression tests, please contact us!

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