Privacy Policy

SERVOSIS S.L. (adress: C / Fuentevieja 8-10 Pinto, Madrid, Spain) is the owner of the personal data we may have from you, and is responsible for ensuring their safety.

Your personal data have been obtained directly from you, and they will be only used for purposes related to our client-provider relationship, such as:

  • Telephone or written communication about your purchase order or a technical consult received from you.
  • Telephone or written communication to disseminate news or changes in our products or services.
  • Submission of budgets or technical information of our products or services.

Your data will only be used by the designated staff.

Your data will not be communicated to third parties without your specific consent.

Your rights about your data are:

  • Access: you can ask us for the data we have from you.
  • Rectification: you can ask us ro change any data.
  • Portability: you can ask us a for copy of your data, and we will deliver it in a readable format.
  • Limit of treatement: you can limit the treatement of your data.
  • Cancellation: you can ask us for the deletion of your data for any of the described purposes.
  • Oblivion: you can ask us to detele your data definetly, and we will not use them anymore.
  • Claim: you can complain to the competent authority (

To enforce any of these rights, please send an email to with the subject “DERECHOS PROTECCIÓN DE DATOS” explaining your request, and attach a copy of your ID in order to check your indentity.