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SERVOSIS is a Spanish company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of testing machines, electronic and mechanical systems, quality control and analysis of materials, servo systems, controls in industrial processes and machinery, robotics, measurement systems and data acquisition.

It is created in 1988 with a group of professionals who have a long experience in the field of . QUALITY CONTROL.

Little by little a new generation of dynamic people, whose combined experience, knowledge and capacity for innovation has been incorporated into both management positions and technical staff. The addition of this new crew to the original makes us able to offer reliable products, robust and adapted to the new technologies and requirements.

We personally study each query, we propose different possibilities and choose the most appropriate product.


Providing personalized solutions: the right machine in the right moment.

Multidisciplinary team

We have a multidisciplinary team capable of achieving any challenge that is proposed to us.



Maintenance As a complement to our products

Upgrading machines

We can automate machines with an old


We can certify any testing machine

Our Clients

They are some of our clients



Our mission is to provide personalized solutions: the right machine in the right moment. Offering technical service available for inmediate response.
We get involved.


Leading the sector in terms of quality and inmediate response.
We are agile.


Flexibility, Confidence, Response, Understanding, Quality, Experience, Responsibility.


“For its quality and service, Extrusax has chosen the Servosis testing machine. With this machine, Extrusax will be able to perform tensile tests in its own laboratory, giving a better service to its customers.

H. L.
Quality Manager in Extrusax.

“Servosis technical service is agile and efficient“

Laboratorio de estructuras, E.T.S. de Ingeniería, Universidad de Sevilla / University of Seville, Laboratory of structures. Escuela de Ingeniería

«Servosis products from our laboratory are of excellent quality, and the technical staff is always available to help us with our needs«

Coordinator of research projects of the Laboratory of Construction Engineering, University of Granada / Laboratorio de Ingeniería de la Construcción, Universidad de Granada. Coordinator of resea

Contact Information

Servosis S.L. Calle Fuentevieja 8,10. 28320 Pinto, Madrid, Spain.

If you want to contact us or make any kind of query, fill out the form and you will have our answer as soon as possible.