Month: September 2022

Servosis serves new machines for the photovoltaic industry

According to the consulting firm IHS Markit, 158 GW of new capacity in the photovoltaic industry is expected to be installed in Spain during 2021. This figure represents a 34% increase in installations compared to 2020, mainly due to the generalized boom in this clean energy as a way of combating the climate crisis. In […]

Servosis testing machines

Servosis PCD2k Software

Software de control y análisis para realización de ensayos.

What is a Universal Testing Machine for?

As we have been telling you so far, when carrying out manufacturing or quality processes it is very important to take into account material testing. For this reason, when a company manufactures a new product, it must be verified that it is being done correctly, and for this they can be subjected to different types […]

We are back!

After a necessary break, Servosis is back!