Compression tests

The compression test is performed to determine the properties of a material or the behavior of a component or a complete system under external stress.

The MES Series are for testing specimens of concrete, rocks, cements and construction materials between 150 and 800t. This type of machines are built according to ENE -EN 12390-4 with Accuracy Class 1 according to UNE-7500-1.

These machines can be equipped with single or double acting actuator. In the first case, it is controlled by a proportional valve, sufficient for simple compression tests mainly. In the second case, it is controlled by a servo valve and incorporates a displacement reader and double pressure sensor. This system provides high pressure control to the machine, which is necessary for certain types of tests.

A specific application for the MES Series is rock testing, for which several accessories are required:

-Hoek cell: for triaxial testing according to UNE 22- 950-92.

-Measurement module with strain gages: direct module for direct measurement with strain gages for Poisson coefficient calculation glued on the specimen. Standard with 4 channels expandable to 8.

-Measurement module with deflectometer: for axial strain measurement and modulus calculation.

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