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  • Servosis designs and manufactures all types of flexure testing fixtures, our fixtures are manufactured according to the testing standards or according to the needs of our customers.

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  • Servosis offers constantly evolving solutions for the field of asphalt mix testing.

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  • Temperature controlled test equipment is one of our catalog products.

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  • Cámara climática

    Temperature and humidity climatic chambers, furnaces, ovens, ovens and high temperature accessories are selected for each project in order to provide the customer always with the right equipment.

    The PCD2K control system is able to synchronize the control of these accessories with that of the testing machines.

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  • Platos de compresión

    Round, square, cylindrical, large formats…

    Ball joints with or without locking.

    Load capacities up to 50 MN.

    Adapters for any machine.

    Customized designs.

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  • We design and manufacture specific extensometers for tensile tests, compression tests, axial and diametrical measurements, etc.

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  • Accesories image
    Hydraulically operated grips can be connected to the hydraulic power pack of the testing machine or supplied as a stand-alone item with a dedicated hydraulic power pack. All models have interchangeable clamping wedges for specimens of different diameters and flat faces.
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  • The load cells manufactured by Servosis have a high degree of robustness and reliability, some of the calibration standards used by Servosis and certified by ENAC are load cells of the models described in this document.

    The tables show the standard manufacturing values, other capacities or dimensions are possible upon request.

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