Upgrading of testing machines

Modernización de máquinas de ensayo

At Servosis, we are dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of testing machines, electronic and mechanical systems for quality control and materials analysis, servo systems, industrial process and machinery controls, robotics, measurement and data acquisition systems. But our extensive experience in the sector also allows us to undertake the work of reform and modernization of testing equipment of all kinds.

Practically any model from any manufacturer can be adapted for use with our control system.

What does it consist of?

The reconversion or modernization of testing machines consists of taking advantage of the mechanical part of the machine and incorporating a modern measurement and control system, which allows it to perform at a much higher level. In this way, machines with obsolete, faulty systems, with no possibility of being used correctly, become useful and productive again.

Among the tasks that we can carry out in the modernization of these machines are the following;

  • Incorporation of current measurement electronics.
  • Replacement, if necessary, of measurement and control sensors.
  • Incorporation of PC control system based on our PCD2K software.
  • Set-up and operation tests.

In this way, at a moderate cost, we obtain a machine adapted to current requirements in terms of control and data recording.

Upgraded machine by Servosis

Since we started working in this sector, we have had the pleasure of being able to update numerous testing machines that were already outdated.

A good example of modernization would be this universal testing machine, which had a load capacity of 400 kN + Compression testing press, load capacity 2000kN. To give it a new use, we installed a PC control system to replace the original electronic system.

If you want more information about automation and modernization of testing machines, please contact us!.

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