We continue to work even in times of coronavirus.

Last March, on the 14th, a State of Alarm was declared throughout the country due to Covid-19.

These are difficult times, times of massive confinement in homes, which can only be abandoned for the different reasons contemplated in the regulations.

At Servosis, as a company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of testing machines, we remain at the forefront. Always complying with the sanitary safety measures decreed by the Government, we continue to work on the projects entrusted to us by our customers.

Both the workshop staff at our facilities, as well as those who develop their daily work through teleworking, make up the great Servosis team, which strives every day to continue to serve all customers normally.

Thus, we have been able to deliver projects that we had in our portfolio and we continue to develop new orders. All this because at Servosis we adapt to the changes imposed by society, the market and our environment.

We know no better way to fight the crisis than doing what we do best: working hard even in times of coronavirus.

Together we will succeed!